Varicose veins? Cold sores? The answer's easy peasy, lemon squeezy

Exercises for varicose veins in legs

Now, in a new book, a former GP proclaims lemons are nothing short of a miracle, capable of soothing and stopping an array of ailments.

Read on to discover how lemons could help you Lemons can help with an array of ailments such as cold sores, weight gain, gallstones, urine infection, indigestion, muscle pain and constipation COLD SORES Lemon contains a compound, limonene, which has antiviral properties.

It is found mainly in the peel, but also in the juice. Lemon oil can also help by excluding air from a sore.

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ACTION: Apply lemon juice to a cold sore several times a day, using a clean cotton pad each time, or add a drop of lemon oil to two teaspoons of sweet almond oil and apply this to the cold sore. Lemon acids and pectin can slow the absorption exercises for varicose veins in legs sugar after a meal.

Exercises for varicose veins in legs pdf

So cooking with lemon juice or sprinkling it on food can prevent low blood-sugar dips, which can trigger hunger pangs and overeating. The vitamin C in lemons also îndepartai varicoza us to produce carnitine — exercises for varicose veins in legs amino acid that helps our body burn fat.

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Studies at Arizona State University found that volunteers with adequate vitamin C burned 30 per cent more fat during exercise than those with low levels.

In a separate study of obese women trying to lose weight, those who took vitamin C lost twice as much.

Legs Exercise and varicose veins

A lack of stomach acid as caused by ageing, stress, or medications such as antacids or acid-suppressants discourages gallbladder contractions. Acidic foods such as lemon juice before a meal can mimic stomach acid, and encourage the gallbladder to contract and expel small stones.

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Lemons are also rich in anti-oxidants, which studies have found to discourage gallstones. They may also ease irritation from mosquito and gnat bites.

Surprisingly, the metabolism of lemon juice in the body has a mildly alkalising effect that can help restore your urine to its normal state. They also contain flavonoids — nutrients known to promote healthy vessels.

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Lemons also add flavour to foods, so can be used as a healthy alternative to salt. Finally, lemon juice resembles some hypertension medications known as ACE-inhibitors — it inhibits the production in the kidneys of the hormone angiotensin, which is known to raise blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. ACTION: Massage your legs with a mixture of two drops of lemon, two of lavender and three of cypress essential oils in two tablespoons of sweet almond or other carrier oil.


Lemon juice and pulp from the fruit is broken down in the body to make potassium carbonate, which helps reduce stomach acid. And limonene, the major component of lemon oil which is found in lemon peel, may help to prevent heartburn. COUGHS Lemon essential oil is an expectorant — this is a type of ingredient often used in cough medicines which encourage the airways to expel mucus.

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A five-year study of 63, people in Singapore found that a diet high in fruit fibre discouraged chronic coughs. Researchers suggested that flavonoids — which have antioxidant properties — may protect the lungs from inflammation and tissue damage.


ACTION: To soothe a cough, drink homemade lemonade, or put two tablespoons of cracked linseeds — another known expectorant — and half a lemon, sliced, into a pint of water, simmer for 20 minutes, then strain and sweeten with honey. Alternatively, put two drops each of lemon essential oil, eucalyptus oil and tea-tree oil into a bowl of just-boiled water; put a towel over your head and inhale the vapour.

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  • Varicose Veins - Exercises for varicose veins in legs pdf
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It sounds unlikely but citric acid in lemon juice can ease dryness and flaking — it helps the skin retain water and encourages the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Many dermatologists prescribe psoralens orally or to be applied to the skin, combined with UVA therapy for psoriasis.

Varicose veins? Cold sores? The answer's easy peasy, lemon squeezy

ACTION: Smooth lemon juice over psoriasis patches several times a day, then expose them to sunlight for a few minutes a day, increasing the time over several weeks. Another fibre in lemons is cellulose, which attracts water.

This makes stools bulkier and softer and reduces their transit time. ACTION: Put one teaspoon of lemon oil in your bathwater or add three drops of lemon oil and a few drops of ginger oil an analgesic and local circulation booster to three tablespoons of sweet almond or other carrier oil, and massage the muscles with the mixture.

Varicose Veins

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